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‘1984’ (the play) hits the Hippodrome Mainstage

The Hippodrome Theatre and the UF School of Theatre + Dance will partner to bring George Orwell’s dystopia to life this fall.

1984, written by George Orwell and adapted by Andrew White,  makes its Southeast regional premiere on the Hippodrome Mainstage. The show runs Sept. 1 through Sept. 24.

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Food Justice Study Group to discuss ‘The Potlikker Papers’

Florida Certified Organic Growers and Con­sumers, Inc. (FOG) is launching a new Food Justice Study Group for local residents in Gainesville and its surrounding communities.

Every other month, we will be discussing a book or documentary that has been selected to generate a conversation about how our contemporary food system can help us better understand the complex issues of race, class, gender, both our collective and individual histories, and how we might envision and achieve a more sustainable, socially-just society.

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Labor Council backs Parents Against Corporate Takeover

by Melissa Morris, NCFCLC Secretary

During the July executive board meeting and the August general body meeting, the North Central Florida Central Labor Council (NCFCLC) unanimously voted to support Parents Against Corporate Takeover (PACT) in their efforts to campaign against Charter School USA coming into Alachua County.  The NCFCLC represents union members from twelve different Central Florida counties.

On June 15th of this year House Bill 7069 was signed by Governor Scott with an effective date of July 1, 2017. This bill mandates that public schools share local millage revenue with local charter schools, regardless of public or private status.  Included in this bill was language for “Schools of Hope” to be opened in areas of persistently low performing schools. It also allows for these Schools of Hope to be able to apply to the state for assistance in funding the construction of the new buildings.  These provisions were put in place to help students in low performing areas, yet the proposed charter school would be built in an area of Gainesville where there are two elementary schools that are historically A schools.

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Civic Media Center is hiring coordinators

Two persons are needed for part-time (25-30 hours per week) employment with a dynamic political and cultural organization.

Progressive politics and community organizing interest, skills, and experience a must.

Familiarity with databases, spreadsheets, social media, and/or graphic design all pluses; nonprofit management experience more so. Good writing/communications skills, demonstrated movement commitment, and ability to work with and inspire volunteers also required. Pay is $14 per hour.

Send your resume via email to Please state a good day of the week and time for a possible future interview.

From the publisher … Fundamentalism stops a thinking mind

by Joe Courter

I had this phrase as a bumper sticker years back, and while a parody of the anti-abortion slogan, I always come back to it in different situations. Most recently it came to me in regard to the First Amendment and the dilemma of the ACLU and UF when evaluating the free speech rights of the Nazis and racists who have emerged with the election of Trump.

Our community has been targeted by these new brand of racists because we are a progressive town that will put up a fight, which is what they want. I was told they are hoping to win “free speech” court cases as a financial strategy, much like that heinous Westboro Baptist Church, the folks who picket funerals of gay people and soldiers.

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A living wage, the right to a union at Santa Fe College

an anonymous Santa Fe employee

Over the past few years the Alachua County Labor Coalition has helped put millions of dollars directly into the pockets of working people through our efforts to combat wage theft and our living wage campaign targeting Alachua County’s largest employers. While we’ve had significant success with those institutions whose decision-making bodies are publicly elected — the City of Gainesville, Alachua County, and the School Board — other large employers who are not directly accountable to our community have been more difficult to reach. Among those employers is Santa Fe College (SFC), which is both nationally-recognized and a bedrock institution of this community.

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Nazis protected by US government, speaker says

On April 21 1990, the Gainesville Downtown Plaza, now Bo Diddley Plaza, was rented to celebrate Hitler’s birthday (word was whoever signed the paperwork didn’t know what “the fuhrer’s birthday” meant). Much as today, authorities wanted the event ignored, but an activist-minded President of UF Student Government, as well as many community activists, turned out over 500 people for a counter rally. 

The celebrants had about 18 people, an assortment of skinheads and nazis. Their “seig heils” were met with loud “fuck yous.” And of course, a large police presence was involved, with everyone required to go through metal detectors. What follows ran in the May 1990 Gainesville Iguana:                   

(Carol Giardina of Gainesville Women’s Liberation spoke about women, and the larger Nazi threat. Here is part of her speech at the rally.)

The Nazis are anti-woman and they’re anti-women’s liberation. They had a KKK just for women. Küche, Kirche, und Kinder. Cooking, church, and children was a Nazi slogan … For Aryan women – blonde, blue-eyed women – their function was the forced production of future fascists. Others were forced into whorehouses, for the Nazi armies. They were sterilized and exterminated. Feminists share a common enemy in Hitler with all of labor and working people …

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September 2017 Gainesville Iguana

The 2017 September issue of the Iguana is now available! If you want to get your hands on a hard copy, check out our distro locations here.

So Not Wasted Fundraiser for the Repurpose Project, July 22

The Repurpose Project is excited to announce its …so not wasted fundraiser at First Magnitude Brewery at 1220 SE Vietch St., Gainesville, on July 22, 2017 from 6-10pm.  Join us for a fun evening of trash carnival games, waste stream education, a serious and not-so-serious auction starring our very own fast talkin’ auctioneer, live music, the Trash Princess, raffle, silent auction, local beer, pizza and pretzels. Learn about our mission and ways to tread lightly on the planet.

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Labor Daze Fest — Sept. 3