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So Not Wasted Fundraiser for the Repurpose Project, July 22

The Repurpose Project is excited to announce its …so not wasted fundraiser at First Magnitude Brewery at 1220 SE Vietch St., Gainesville, on July 22, 2017 from 6-10pm.  Join us for a fun evening of trash carnival games, waste stream education, a serious and not-so-serious auction starring our very own fast talkin’ auctioneer, live music, the Trash Princess, raffle, silent auction, local beer, pizza and pretzels. Learn about our mission and ways to tread lightly on the planet.

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Labor Daze Fest — Sept. 3

History and the people who make it: Linda Lee

Linda Lee [L], activist with the National Farmworkers’ Association, was interviewed by Brittany Nelson [N] in July, 2013.

This is the 41st in a series of transcript excerpts from the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program collection at the University of Florida.

Transcript edited by Pierce Butler.

L: My name is Linda Deloris Lee at Apopka, Florida. I was born and raised [here]. We grew all kind of animals, ducks, geese, guinea pigs, chicken, hogs, cows—my dad and grandfather—both of them grew animals. Both had vegetables— corn, greens, peas, okra, tomatoes, a lot of different stuff, so we didn’t go hungry. There was eight of us, seven girls and one boy. My brother used to hang around with my daddy, doing farm work and a little hunting and stuff in the summer time. And also working on the farm.

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Friends of Susan B. Anthony to celebrate Women’s Equality Day 2017

The Friends of Susan B. Anthony will celebrate Women’s Equality Day with their annual festive luncheon on Saturday, Aug. 26.

This event, which began as an informal birthday party for Susan B. Anthony over forty years ago, is now held in conjunction with the anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

Each year a local woman is recognized who exemplifies the spirit of Susan B. Anthony. This year, Kathy Kidder will be honored for her contribution to civic education and role as president and membership chair of the League of Women Voters.

The featured speaker will be Dr. Rebecca Nagy, Director of the Harn Museum of Art. She will be talking about “Commanding Center Stage: Women in American Art Museums Today “ and will explore the progress women have made in being represented in museum collections and assuming directorial positions.

The luncheon will be held at the Best Western Gateway Grand at 11:30 a.m., and will cost $25 for an adult.

For further information and reservations, please contact June Littler at or at 352-374-8158; or go to Reservation deadline is August 22, and no tickets will be sold at the door. Last year’s luncheon was sold out, so please make your reservation early. 

GUTFEST: Three-day performance art festival covers downtown Gainesville

By GUT Fest organizers

This summer, Gainesville will host an underground performance art festival.

Gainesville Underground Theatre Festival will assemble 32 performances and a community panel over the weekend of July 21-23.

Performances will be held at The Civic Media Center, M.A.M.A.’s Club, Black C Art Gallery, The Atlantic, High Dive and the Boxcar at Depot Park.

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Sponsorship keeps community radio vibrant

By Fred Sowder , WGOT Financial Director

Perhaps you listen weekday mornings to the latest news of the day from Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! Or maybe you catch the jazz selections Sunday mornings on Jazzville, or the darkwave industrial sounds of Shadows at midnight on Saturdays. Or, it could be another of the dozens of locally produced and nationally syndicated Pacifica Radio Network shows we air each week.

100.1 FM WGOT-LP is your community radio station, and we can continue to thrive with your help and that of local businesses.  Our studio crowdfunding campaign is ongoing; details can be found on the WGOT Facebook page. A donation of any size will get us that much closer to providing you live programming originating from the Civic Media Center studios under construction.

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Thoughts from a local radio-head

By Joe Courter

I grew up with radio and it still is a huge part of my life. Fred Sowder is a real hero to me for his commitment to WGOT. has a grid of their programming, which we have printed in prior issues. As I live on the Eastside, and frankly like most people, unless you live near the transmitter out near Santa Fe College NW, my car radio is my link. In years to come, streaming and a bigger range will be available. My top seven:

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Prisoners and solidarity groups call for National Day of Action Against Prison Slavery

By Gainesville IWW and Fight Toxic Prisons

Last year prisoners from around the country participated in the Sept. 9 National Prisoner Strike, the first of its size and scope in U.S. history. The wave of prisoner labor strikes and other resistance actions on and around that day were led by organized groups of prisoners such as the Free Alabama Movement, the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, or IWOC, of the Industrial Workers of the World labor union (IWW), as well as a large number of unaffiliated prisoners.

The strike was supported on the outside by the IWW, Fight Toxic Prisons (FTP), Anarchist Black Cross chapters and other grassroots groups. Numerous rallies and demonstrations were held at prisons around the country. In Florida, the Gainesville branch of the IWW, FTP, the Green Party and others held a demonstration at the gates of the Coleman Federal Corrections Complex near Wildwood in support.

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July events to support Medicare for all

The Alachua County Labor Coalition is spear-heading an effort that might get the Congressman’s attention better. This is, namely, a series of demonstrations against his largest local donors. We will have our first on Saturday morning on July 29. The groups Indivisible and Women’s March will be supporting this effort as well. More details to follow. Save the date! Make your signs!

In addition, we are celebrating Medicare’s Birthday Party this year on the evening of Saturday, July 22. How much do you value Medicare? Come celebrate your present coverage (which is under attack in our present government), your parents’ coverage, and what is, or should be, coverage coming up for you. We can no longer take our Medicare or Medicaid for granted.

Come join us in this evening, to learn how it might be possible to expand Medicare to all of us by hearing fiery and articulate Congressional candidate, Tim Canova from South Florida, who will help us host this event. If Ted Yoho agrees to join us, we will have a rousing debate you will not want to miss.

Again, save the date and keep your eyes peeled for more details. Bring your stories and your outrage. If you want to help us organize or get more details, call the Alachua County Labor Coalition at 375-2832 or email us at

For those of us here for the hot Gainesville summer, the summer has just gotten a little hotter. Let’s get a mob at both events! Show that you care.

The story of Grow Gainesville, Or, how to start a local food security and community resilience movement

by Faith C. Carr

First gather a few people around a table, get them a pitcher of beer. Then ask the question, “How can we get more people growing their own food?”  Meet up with a small local “prepper” group.  Toss in a random bunch of social activists who want to eat clean healthy food – and a local food movement is begun.

Create a list of things required for community resilience: give it a catchy name. Build a website, create a Facebook group, and collaborate with that MeetUp group.

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