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A major victory for Gainesville city workers

by Jeremiah Tattersall

As of Jan. 1, all City of Gainesville workers are being paid at least $12.25 an hour.

This is a major victory for working people and a great step toward a living wage for all workers.

This comes on the heels of the Alachua County Commission’s Minimum Wage Ordinance in 2015, which ensures that all County workers and contractors are paid at least $12.50 an hour with employer provided health care (another $1.98/hr. is added to the pay if healthcare is not provided).

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WGOT-LP to come home to the Civic Media Center

By Fred Sowder

The developments happening at your low-power community radio station are quite dizzying, but here’s a quick update as we move toward beginning our around-the-clock broadcast schedule on 100.1FM and getting a physical studio space.

We welcome any monetary or people-powered assistance you can muster during this busy time for WGOT.

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Dreamers under threat

by Phil Kellerman

Donald Trump is threatening the lives of approximately 800,000 “Dreamers” in the United States. These are primarily foreign-born young adults who came over when they were young, brought by a parent(s) or family members.

Trump has pledged to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in which a Dreamer, for a fee of $465, receives a two-year legal work permit, can obtain a drivers license and not fear deportation to a home country that they have not been to for years.

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Help! Tents needed for cold weather

The HOMEVan project is again in need of tents to help those without housing during the cold weather.

We want to thank you again for your generosity the last time we did this fundraiser. Since then, due to storms that have destroyed some of the older tents, and the influx of people that find themselves newly homeless, we are once again in need. Many of our clients are elderly and disabled and it is unbearable to know that they have no roof over their heads at all.

Tents cost approximately $40, so we are trying to raise money for 25 tents this time.

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Celebrate Bulla Cubana!

Gainesville’s first-ever Cuban arts and culture festival, Bulla Cubana (boo-YA-coo-BAH-na), aims to share international talent with the community. As the first-ever festival of its kind, Bulla Cubana will feature a dynamic and diverse line-up of more than 20 events starting in January, hosted by more than a dozen iconic Gainesville cultural institutions.

The collection of Cuban fine artists, muralists, dancers, musicians, authors, photographers, academics and filmmakers to be featured from January through March marks the first large-scale, cross-collaboration of Gainesville’s arts leaders, coming together in order to promote the exchange of culture between Cuba and North Central Florida.

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From the publisher … Don’t Mourn, Organize!

by Joe Courter

So here we are.  As I write this we are two weeks from swearing in a man totally lacking the temperament and knowledge to hold the highest office in the land.

Many activities are planned to protest, to build solidarity and resistance, but it is hard not to be in fear anticipating what is to come.  It goes much deeper than just Trump. The Cabinet he has put together (see “Editors Picks,” pg. 24) is way worse than anyone would have imagined. Couple that with an evangelical wing nut as Vice President (and who very well may be much more involved in governing than most VPs) and the prospect of the judicial appointment which will serve beyond the Trump administration’s term and things can look pretty bleak.

Well, I don’t do bleak, I don’t do hopeless. This was not the outcome I would have preferred in the election, but here it is and we need to deal with it.

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GOP looks to phase out Medicare, repeal ACA: House Speaker Paul Ryan, incoming Republican Congress plan to take away benefits

Special to the Iguana, by Mary Savage

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and the Republican Congress want to phase out Medicare as well as repeal the Affordable Care Act. They want to replace Medicare with vouchers ($5,000 for seniors) to buy private insurance from for-profit companies.

Ryan claims Medicare is going broke and that “privatization” is the answer. But the respected Kaiser Foundation deemed that by 2022, the so-called Ryan Plan would mean half of a 65-year-old’s Social Security check would be gone when compared to traditional Medicare’s cost today.

This is bad for seniors.

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January/February 2017 Gainesville Iguana

Jan-Feb 17 Iguana COVERThe January/February issue of the Iguana is now available! If you want to get your hands on a hard copy, check out our distro locations here.

Inauguration Actions in and around GNV, Jan. 20 and 21

Protest Trump, Pence and the Republican Congress

Actions in and around Gainesville for Friday, Jan. 20 and Saturday, Jan. 21 

compiled by National Women’s Liberation, Gainesville chapter (send additions/corrections to

Wherever you are! •  Women Strike! Organized by National Women’s Liberation

see to sign the pledge to strike, go to facebook event page


Strike in D.C. / in your home town / at school / for all or part of the time / from all or some of your work


National Women’s Liberation calls all women, girls, trans*, and nonbinary folks to strike Jan. 20 – 21

Trump, Pence, and the Republican Congress have made their anti-woman agenda clear and have promised to cut, undermine, eliminate, or privatize every social compact from public schools to Medicare to Social Security. They expect the family (that is, WOMEN) to fill in the gaps and pick up the pieces. NO WE WON’T.


Paid jobs * Emotional Labor * Childcare * Diapers * Housework * Cooking  * Sweeping * Laundry  * Dishes  * Errands  * Groceries * Fake smiles * Flirting * Makeup * Laundry * Shaving * What are you striking from?


• An end to racist and sexual assaults, and all forms of bigotry

• Reproductive freedom, full access, and no coercion

• National Health Care for all

• R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Friday, Jan. 20, noon – 10 pm at City Hall Gainesville, Florida (keep up with FB or Slack, plans in process)

Counter-Inauguration Rally in GNV, organized by Gainesville City of Resistance, 200 E University Ave, Gainesville, Florida 32601 facebook event page

• Tallahassee Walk OUT, by Tallahassee Students for a Democratic Society — facebook event page

• National Call in Day re Medicare For All —

Call and email Congress over the next few weeks and especially on Jan. 20. Tell your representatives that our dysfunctional system of financing through private insurers must be replaced by an efficient and equitable single-payer system.

Saturday January 21 Women’s March on Washington and solidarity marches/actions

Many members of GNV community are flying to DC and at least four buses are driving up to DC.

• Women’s March on Washington — WEBSITE:



• GNV Buses/prep for Women’s March on Washington: GNV group about the Women’s March on Washington

Sign up form for the bus to DC (if not full)

• “Let’s make signs and cover a few pre-march topics.” Hosted by Holly Sprinkle — Saturday, Jan. 14 at 2 – 4 pm — Millhopper Branch Library — 3145 NW 43rd St, Gainesville, Florida 32606 — Facebook event page

• Picket for #womenstrike & Solidarity with Women’s March on Washington — Saturday, Jan. 21 at 1-3 pm in Gainesville: NWL and Gainesville Area NOW – details still being worked out! — ( and in solidarity with Women’s March on Washington Facebook event page — — sign making and prep for march in DC and GNV #womenstrike picket Saturday, Jan. 14

Other Florida marches:  Go to to find sister events

Other upcoming NWL events:

• NWL General Organizing Meetings, GNV, The second Tuesday of every month- beginning Jan. 10, Location: 200 NE 1st Street, suite 201 (second floor). Entrance at the back door.

• National Women of Color Caucus Meeting, Mon, Jan. 9, 7:30-8:30 pm, RSVP to get more info —

• Tallahassee NWL Organizing Committee – Next Steps Meeting, Sunday Jan. 8, 4 pm – 6 pm, at the Plant, 517 W Gaines St, • Tallahassee, Florida 32301,

• NWL TALLY meetings, 2nd Sunday of every month, 2-4 pm at the Plant.